Aisle & Floor Marking

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Floor Marking Tape

We have three levels of floor tape depending on your application.

Best: Tough-Mark or Durastripe Supreme for porous floors and viZ-Mark for smooth floors - the most durable, heavy duty floor tapes available today best suited for very high traffic areas.

Better: Floor-Mark - another extremely durable floor marking tape which when used with the clear overlay is suitable for most applications.

Good: Vinyl tape - best suited for less busy areas or temporary 5S aisle marking implementation. Also great for 5S Office projects.

For more floor marking tape success, check out the FLOOR MARKING TAPE SUCCESS CHECKLIST!

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Pallet Alignment Markers

The best kept secret of Warehouse Managers and 5S Practitioners! Easy to use Floor Marking Symbols. Save time and money by using these rugged floor marking symbols like pallet corners to mark off your materials. Rather than install full lengths of heavy duty floor tape, use these symbols in an instant to mark off the locations of materials, equipment and pallets. Great for warehouse marking and 5S Set in Order phases. Constructed of heavy duty materials and pressure sensative adhesive you can be sure they'll stay down. And, if they do need replacing it's a quick simple peel it up and replace. Available in various colors, sizes and materials depending on your needs.
If you're unsure about which one to order give us a call at (978)842-4610 and ask for one of our floor marking experts. DONT FORGET TO ASK ABOUT OUR NO RISK, NO STRESS, TRY IT GUARANTEE!!

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LED Floor Sign Projectors and Lenses

LED Sign Projectors are the perfect alternative where standard wall and floor signs are either too difficult to install or won’t survive in their environment. These signs will clearly deliver your message when a conventional sign cannot.

Sign messages can be customized to fit your specific need. Simply contact our Custom Department or call (978)-842-4610.

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Floor Marking Signs & Stencils

These signs are now vivid and UV fade resistant. Great for any 5S program, these durable floor signs will communicate safety instructions and can withstand pedestrian or forklift traffic. They are so easy to install, you just peel-&-stick. These Signs save you from painting hassles such as dry time, cure time, and down time.

Don't see the floor sign you are looking for. Give us a call, there are more options available or we can do a custom floor sign.

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Stanchions & Barriers

A great alternative to floor marking. Use these high quality easy to use stanchions wherever you need flexible aisle control. Make your aisle as long or narrow as necessary in seconds. Great for segregating inventory for quality control and warehouse shipping and receiving areas. Easily removable retractable belts allow you to change colors for your visual control program. The heavy steel rubber coated base provides stability from tipping with an attractive look. Also available are belts that can mount with clips, magnets or screws for totaly flexibility. Available in 7' and 13' belts. 18' belts available for wall mounting units.

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Interlocking Brass Stencils & Accessories

Adjustable and interlocking stencils made from brass. GOTHIC STYLE characters for horizontal composition.

Stencils adjust quickly for perfect character alignment, spacing and clean, bold characters.

Use for marking boxes, crates, drums, pipes, racking or make signs for floors and walls.

Can be cleaned with solvent and should last you a long time!

Sold individually or in sets.

All Pieces: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, &, 1-Beginner, 1-Period-Ender, 1-Spacer, 1 Period, 1-Comma and 1-Dash

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Floor Marking Arrows

Using arrows is an effective useful visual tool for improving employee safety by providing clear direction. Floor Marking Arrows are also useful for making the flow of materials more clear.

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Floor Marking Footprints

Using footprints whether they are adhesive backed or painted is a great way of ensuring people travel safely and/or in the right direction.  Use color coded footprints to lead people to a specific location. Great for arranging the flow of material drop off for production floor milk run programs. 

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Floor Marking Dots

Using floor dots whether they ere adhesive backed or painted is a great alternative to laying full strips of tape or paint when marking out lanes or areas.  The replacement costs are lower and less time consuming. 

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Striped Anti-Skid Tape & Tiles

Made of rugged adhesive-backed polyester tape coated with thousands of particles of durable aluminum oxide grit. Tape bonds permanently to clean, dry floors and withstands grease and oil. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Bright yellow and black Striped Anti-Skid Tape aids visibility of hazardous areas.

Sizes: 1", 2" & 3"
Standard roll length: 60 feet

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Glow-in-the-Dark Aisle & Pathway Marking

All these items are visual aids for a fast exit during power outages and emergency situations. Designed for safe low level lighting egress pathway marking.

Marking Applications: aisles, passageways, and stairwells.

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Floor Marking Accessories

Make your aisle marking project a little easier and more successful by using these aisle marking accessories. We have scrapers, chalk lines, tamper carts, adhesive remover and floor cleaner.

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