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Dry Erase Color Magnets & Accessories

Ideal for inventory, product info, kanban, quality control, and many other warehouse functions. 1/32" thick magnet with dry erase surface.
* Use Dry Erase Markers for easy, convenient wipe-off.
* Use Damp Erase Pens for more lasting content.

Magnet Applications: Writing inventory counts, inspection initials, product information, dates and other data on magnets for warehouse racks and other steel surfaces.

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Double Sided Signal Magnets

Handy two sided/two color magnets are great for easy visual signaling.
You can also write directly on the label with a DRY erase pen.
5 Sizes: 1" square, 1" x 2", 2" square, 2" x 4", 3" x 5"

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Magnetic Hanging Binders

Magnetic hanging binders are made from a high grade die cast aluminum. The back two strong magnets hold up to 10 lbs. of material. Place them throughout your plant for easy and effective visual control of documents. Great for magnetic white boards too!

Made in the USA.

Available in 4 sizes: 1", 2" 3" with three rings and a 2.5" with 2 rings.

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Magnetic Clipboards

Clipboard convenience! Magnetic backing transforms this standard clipboard into a mounted writing pad. Attaches to walls, desks, control boards, vehicles and any steel surface. Versatile and convenient.

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Magnetic Pouch

Each clear, 3D, soft pouch has full magnetic backing. Keep objects at hands’ reach and organized at office, work space, machine or magnetic whiteboard. Magnetically attracts to any flat ferrous metal surface. Ment to hold lightweight items only. 

Available in 4 sizes.

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Shelf Label Magnets: PreCut or Rolls

Hassle free relocation of product location labels. Easy write-on/wipe-off surface with your damp erase pen. Choice of 6 colors to further identify products and areas. Reliable 1/32" thick magnet. Recommended for 0 - 160°F.  Choice of 6 colors: white, yellow, orange, green, red, and blue.

Magnet Applications:
 Easy relocation of bar code labels on racks
 Convenient writing directly on colored magnets
 Multi-level labels on one magnet for man-down reading
 Identifying cabinets, drawers, doors, frames
 Marking steel bins and containers
 Use on magnetic boards

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Magnetic Screw-Mount Tool Holders

Heavy duty permanent magnet assemblies hold large or small tools and metal parts firmly and securely in place. Perfect for workstations, garages, manufacturing facilities, and maintenance areas. Held firmly in place by welded tabs, with 1/4” holes for screws.

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Magnetic Tape Roll

Magnetic Tape Applications: Use the adhesive backed tape to magnetize warehouse items such as:
• Location signs and product tags to be placed on steel surfaces.
• Posters, notepads and large clips to hang on magnetic surfaces.
• Order packets, job ticket folders, and employee notices to display.

Use adhesive backed to magnetize items. Strong 60 mil thickness (1/16") in a 100' length roll. Surface can not be written, has full adhesive backing and liner. Cut roll to your specific length.

Sizes: 3/4", 1" by 100' roll

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Magnetic Office Aids

Organize work area - eliminate clutter & promote efficiency!

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Display Rails

The Hold-Up display rail is a flexible, functional and safe solution for displaying a variety of communications such as announcements, memos, reminders – just about anything!


  • Patented design prevents tears or damaging displayed items
  • Hold up display rails remove the need for tape, tacks or push pins
  • Unique design allows for thick and thin items to be displayed side by side
  • 2 Backings: Magnetic and adhesive
  • Smooth clear design blends with any surface

Available in three sizes.

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Magnetic Parts Trays

Magnetic parts trays keep loose nuts, screws and other small items at close reach.

The trays are made of smooth stainless steel and feature strong ceramic magnets securing them to metal toolboxes or tables and keeping essential metal parts nearby. The base is constructed with rubber covers preventing surface scratches while it can be used in any position – flat, sideways or upside down.  

They’re great for a variety of applications, from mechanics and craftsmen to hobbyists, on the jobsite, in the garage and at home.

Available in 4 sizes.

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Magnetic Pushpins

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Magnetic Sign Holder

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Round Base Magnets

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