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Safety Scoreboards

Draw full attention to the status of safe work days in your facility with bright lights and big safety messages.

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Interactive Flashing Hazard Warning Signs

Improve the safety of your workforce with these NEW Flashing Safety signs. These interactive signs are programmed to flash when pedestrians or forklifts are entering the area.

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Glow-in-the-Dark Exit & Directional Sign

These exit and directional signs are great when identifying fire alarms and extinguishers, low location egress pathway markings, and directional systems for escape or evacuations routes.

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Safety Posters

These safety posters are concise, easy to understand explanations of key safety topics and their specific issues.

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Anti-Skid Tape

Made of rugged adhesive-backed polyester tape coated with thousands of particles of durable aluminum oxide grit. Tape bonds permanently to clean, dry floors and withstands grease and oil. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Bright yellow and black Striped Anti-Skid Tape aids visibility of hazardous areas

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Glow-in-the-Dark Aisle & Pathway Marking

All these items are visual aids for a fast exit during power outages and emergency situations. Designed for safe low level lighting egress pathway marking.

Marking Applications: aisles, passageways, and stairwells.

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Decibel Meter Signs

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Fold Up Safety Signs

Free-standing fold up signs are a great indicator for temporary dangerous conditions or to quickly and easily display important messages. They are designed with a handle cut-out for easy transportation and fold flat for storing. The signs are made with rugged plastic and can withstand tough handling.

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LED Floor Sign Projectors and Lenses

LED Sign Projectors are the perfect alternative where standard wall and floor signs are either too difficult to install or won’t survive in their environment. These signs will clearly deliver your message when a conventional sign cannot.

Sign messages can be customized to fit your specific need. Simply contact our Custom Department or call (978)-842-4610.

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Projection Signs

Projection Signs stand out and grab your attention from multiple viewpoints making them ideal for many different messages or applications.

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Safety Signs

Utilize these plastic adhesive backed OSHA signs and Posters to indicate and define specific hazards that without identification may lead to accidental injury to workers and property damage. Follows OSHA Specifications for Accident Prevention Signs 1910.145.

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Traffic Cones

• 1-piece traffic safety cone and base
• Heavy-duty PVC in UV stabilized brilliant red-orange
• Cone and base are one continuous layer to prevent tearing and base separation
• Brilliant red-orange, ultraviolet stabilized color for maximum visibility and fade resistance under all weather conditions
• Easy-stack design
• Work well in temperatures, -30° to +140°
• Base designed for easy stacking without sticking
• Cone returns to its original shape in just 20 seconds after being crushed

Heights: 18", 28" and 36"
Qty: One cone

This product may incur additional shipping fees due to excess weight or size

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