Tool Control

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Tool Shadow Boards

At a glance, see that tools and supplies are in their designated location. Place Store-Boards throughout the facility, near the work area for improved efficiency, effectiveness and safety. 

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Foam Tool Organizers

Designed to provide positive tool control and eliminate tool FOD (foreign object damage). Two color shadow board foam tool organizers enhance productivity, tool accountability and asset management. The kit comes with all the pieces you see to the right. You customize the foam to your specific needs by tracing the tool, then cutting it out of the foam, then placing it in the draw. It is that easy!

Benefits:  Durable, long lasting product lifespan. Can be utilized in harsh industrial environments. Precision fit. FOD control, improved productivity

Features:  Durable foam in vivid colors. Dense, textured polyethylene foam is chemically cross-linked to be durable, strong and heat stable, yet lightweight. Foam is designed to resist oils, solvents, and jet fuels for up to three years.

3 Options Available:
  • Do It Yourself Foam Tool Organizer Kits - Off the shelf version available in 6 sizes: 27" x 12", 27" x 18", 27" x 27", 36" x 18", 36" x 27", 40" x 27".
  • Custom Size Do It Yourself Foam Tool Organizer Kits - Customize the size of the DIY kit to your specific needs or application.
  • Custom Foam Tool Shadow Boards - Provide us with your tool information and we'll save you time by doing all the cutting for you on the Polyethylene Foam or HDPE material for use in Clean Rooms.

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Pegboard and Hook Assortments

Having challanges with finding tools?  Using pegboards is an easy and fast way to store and organize them. 

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Tool Shadows

Adding Tool shadows to pegboards or work spaces are a great way to:

  • Indicate what tools are being used.
  • Where the tools belong.
  • Easy clean up knowing exactly where to put tools back.
  • Visually knowing what tool is missing.
  • Color code each work station. You can also utilize Plasti Dip and color code the tools to match the boards.

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Plasti Dip

Plasti-Dip from Performix is a flexible, synthetic rubber coating which exhibits excellent moisture, acid, alkaline, and abrasion resistance. Perfect for outdoor applications. Permanant and water tight as long as you want it to be but removes completely and without mess from most non-porous surfaces.

Dip tool handles to improve grip. Paint onto or dip almost anything! Add more layers for greater protection or grip.

Add visual management to your tools by color coding their handles.

Colors: Yellow, blue, red, black, white, and clear. Not all colors are available in all sizes.
    - Colors may be mixed together to create additional colors.


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MagClip Magnetic Tool Storage Systems

MagClip products are the perfect solution to a messy toolbox. Many mechanics complain that snap, clamp and clip based tool storage systems are difficult to use. Mag-Clip magnetic socket and tool storage solutions allow users to quickly release the desired tool using a single hand yet keep them securely in place when not in use.

• The family of Mag-Clip products offers every professional technician and do-it-yourself craftsman the right combination of products to organize some of the messiest areas.
• The innovative design offers much needed flexibility to maximize your storage space while keeping your tools right at your fingertips.
• Will not magnetize sockets or tools.
• Magnets retain strength permanently.
• Grease, oil, chemical and rust resistant.
• Tough polymer base.

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Screw-Mount Magnetic Tool Holders

Heavy duty permanent magnet assemblies hold large or small tools and metal parts firmly and securely in place. Perfect for workstations, garages, manufacturing facilities, and maintenance areas. Held firmly in place by welded tabs, with 1/4” holes for screws.

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Tool Rack

A quick and easy way to store a bunch of tools on one holder.

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