Visual Management

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Dry Erase Whiteboard Overlays

Measuring performance against the standard is important in improving processes.  Using pre-printed dry erase overlays will assist your team in understanding the standards which allow them to improve their process.  This is a great option for creating a multi-functional asset while still utilizing existing dry erase boards already in place.

Watch this quick video to learn more about how overlays can help improve your efficiencies.


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Key Performance Indicator Boards

Key performance indicators (KPI) are a set of quantifiable measures that a company uses to gauge its performance over time. These metrics are used to determine a company's progress in achieving its strategic and operational goals, and also to compare a company's finances and performance against other businesses within its industry.


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KPI-Board Accessories

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Magnetic Pushpins

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Color Coded Document Holder

Color Coded Magnetic Document and Title Holders are a great way to organize your charts, company goals and stats on any magnetic whiteboard or steel surface.

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Whiteboards: Tablets, Easels, Idea Walls, Partitions & Wallboards

Whether you need it wall mounted, carry around or easels, Ghent has the product line to fit your needs. These magnetic white boards are the best we've found anywhere. They're high quality writing surface will not ghost over time thereby always looking great for your presentation.

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4 Sided Rotating Communication Tower

Each tower has four panels which rotate on a turntable allowing you to design an information center to display key performance indicators (KPIs), Lean, Kaizen and 5S activities and metrics.

Panels are available in four material types:
    Galvanized Steel - for magnetic holder applications. Customizable.
    Max Duty Aluminum - for harsh environments, withstands wash downs. Customizable.
    Aluma-Lite - lightweight yet durable. Customizable.
    Cork Board - NOT customizable

  • 3 of the Panel materials are scratch and stain resistant and include a dry-erase polyester overlaminate.
  • Weight: 35 - 50 lbs depending on the panel material you choose.
  • Dimensions: 20" W x 20" L x 74" H
  • Available plain or customize the panels with your logo, layout or other requirements.

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Double Sided Signal Magnets

Handy two sided magnets are perfect for visual signaling.  Trigger a re-stock or product action needed, signal item availability or indicate priority.  You can write directly on the magnets with a damp erase pen to record inventory counts, inspection dates and more.

Examples:  Accept / Reject, In / Out, Start Date / Stop Date, Available / Not Available, OK / Stop, Use / No Not Use

Sizes: 1" Square, 1" x 2", 2" Square, 2" x 4", 3" x 5"

Thickness: 1/16"

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FAST Professional GRIDS in Seconds!

Use 15" x 25.3" QUICK-Grids separately or combined on any whiteboard or smooth surface. Combining six single pieces will create a 4' x 4' grid. QUICK-Grids™ can be trimmed to suit any need. Combine colors for clear communication.

Quickly & easily create grids for areas in your workplace, such as shipping & receiving, schedules, presentations, and project management.

QUICK-Grids are available in six colors and are sold as single or 6 pack pieces. Consider ordering different color pieces to color code your data.

Quickly and easily create grids for shipping and receiving, schedules, presentations, project management, etc.

• Easy to Customize
• Extendable
• Versatile
• Hassle-free

Available in 2 styles: Peel and stick adhesive back and Magnetic back.
6 colors: Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and black.
Size: 15" x 25.5" panel, 1/4" wide grid lines
Sections: There are 60 (1-1/4" x 3-1/2") sections per panel, 15 sections per column, 4 total columns
Coverage: 6 grids covers a 4' x 4' area
Quantity: singles or 6 pack (one color per pack)

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Whiteboard Tape

Design your own layout with these easy to use whiteboard tapes.
Available Backing: adhesive or magnetic back.
Colors: Black, blue, green, red.

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Hanging Binders

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Magnetic Signal Flags

Magnetic Mount Plastic Flags, mount to metal door frames, steel cabinets, carts or other metal objects. Available with one or two flags. Item made to order.

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Colored Cones

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Signal Holder

The Sliding Cover Signal Holder is available in two sizes with two types of backings.
• Adhesive back
• Magnetic back

Sliding white plastic piece covers one half and reveals the opposite half (right and left sides).

Nodules at each end of holder act as end-stops for the sliding cover.

Includes fluorescent red (an orangish-red) and fluorescent green (a lighter green) background areas with each color covering half of the holder width and a white plastic sliding cover to reveal or block a color.

Ideal for signaling accept/reject, pass/fail, in-stock/re-order, or other status.

Other colors and custom label printing also available through special order. 100 minimum requirement for special orders (10 packages of 10).
• Background colors available: white, black, red, green, blue. Fluorescent colors: yellow, orange, red and green.
• Custom label options: Print your background information on custom labels (an additional charge) to indicate your choice of two options such as: product A/product B, incoming/outgoing, a bounce back reflective label, or whatever other actions you need to indicate.

Call us at 978-842-4610 or send an email with the specifics you would like to for a quote.

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5S Management Walk Cards

Use these exclusive 5S Store handy highly visible 5S Achievement and Improvement Sticky Tags during your 5S walk to communicate areas of 5S success and areas requiring improvement. Designed small enough to keep in your pocket but large enough for workers to see from a distance when applied. Simply check off the appropriate category, add your comments then peel off the pad and apply. Overtime, workers will look anxiously for these upon arriving to work. Great for Sustaining your 5S program by letting the staff know you are engaged.

  • Fluorescent Green and Orange (colors not exact in image)
  • 25 per pad
  • Size: each: 4" x 3"
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    5S Scoreboards

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    In-House Sign Shop & Accessories

    With this organized, efficient and Mobile In-House Sign Shop with accessories, you can make 5S locators, dry erase boards, tool shadow boards, floor graphics, safety signs and many other visual control signs for your facility.

    The possibilities are endless!

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    Label Printers & Accessories

    The Brady BMP21-Plus is the easiest to use hand held printer available. These printers are a great tool for the Set in Order 5S phase where you make sure everything has it's place. Simply type your text, print and apply.

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    VnM SignMakers

    VnM SignMakers (aka vendom SignMakers) are mobile stand-alone industrial sign print system with no PC or software required. These label printers are easy to learn, easy to use and are a fully standalone system which requires no other software or PC to print! It's like the familiar office labeler that prints onto adhesive vinyl tape, but the VnM is heavy duty for industrial applications ... larger tapes, more applications!

    VnM SignMakers are the most cost-effective method for creating permanent vinyl adhesive signs for regulatory applications like permanent building identification and maintenance, hazard warning labels and signs, facility labels, large barcode labels that are readable from a long distance, shelf labels, chemical drum labels, vehicle & equipment identification and much much more...

    Available in two sizes:
    • VnM4 prints on 1", 2", 3" and 4" wide media.
    • VnM8 prints on 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", and 9" wide media.

    Pipe Markers, Arch Flash Hazard Label, Maintence Signs, Quality Control Regulations & Tags, OSHA Compliant Signs, Bar Code Labels, Safety Signs, Aisle Markers, Traffic & Directions, Electrical Panel Labels, Tool Labels, Bin Labels, Rack & Shelf Labels. Just to name a few!

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